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A unique lawn headstone made by Whitton Memorials.

High-quality Lawn Headstones

Whitton Memorials has been serving the Twickenham area with compassion, dignity and sensitivity.

High quality Lawn Headstones

Compassion and support from Whitton Memorials

When it comes to dealing with the loss of a loved one, we want to make sure you have a respectful monument that is personalised to your loved one. For over 20 years, Whitton Memorials has been supporting members of our community in their difficult times of mourning by offering high-quality lawn headstones. We design beautiful and bespoke lawn headstones and Traditional Memorials to be tailored to the family and friends’ preference in memory of their loved one. The hard-work and dedication that Whitton Memorials has on delivering the best service and support to our customers is second to none. 


What are Lawn Headstones?

This is a classic headstone designed to be fixed at the top of a burial position leaving the remaining area with a grass covering.


We offer different natural stones or granite finishes which can be added to any design you would like. Measurements vary as we would need to be informed as to how much space you have for your burial. We offer different shapes, sizes, personalised designs and colour!


Whitton Memorials is based in the Twickenham area, people come from all walks of life to experience our high level of service from our compassionate and caring staff. 

"Thank you for your excellent service. You kept me informed throughout the renovations and they look great."

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