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Traditional Memorials.

Unique Traditional Memorials

Whitton Memorials are based in Twickenham and provide traditional memorials for your loved one.

Unique Traditional Memorials by Whitton Memorials

Why we want to help!

Whitton Memorials is proud to serve Twickenham to provide unique Traditional Memorials to our customers. We understand the importance of high standards of renovation and memorial services, especially in tough moments like these. We add a level of personalisation to our unique Traditional Memorials and make them stand out as a tribute to your lost loved one. Our Traditional Memorials are available in your choice of colours, shapes and designs, while, with the personalised design we will need to discuss with you. This is created by skilled craftsmen. We offer a range of well-crafted memorials based on your preferences. 


What is a Traditional Memorial?

This is a traditional funeral with an upright headstone that elongates and is accepted in cemeteries.

From our unique vision to our well-established items, Whitton Memorials was created to support those grieving. In addition to helping with arrangements for the Lawn Headstones and Traditional Memorials, we provide a comfortable space for our customers to open up and provide professionalism and guidance throughout the entire process with Whitton Memorials.

"Supplied a memorial for my Nans grave at Eastsheen Cemetery. Had a good choice to choose from and made it easy to find what we needed. One man band and very busy ,so did not mind waiting that little bit longer for it to be placed on the grave. Thanks David".

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Are you looking for a unique Traditional Memorial? Look no further, Whitton Memorials based in Twickenham create personalised traditional memorials. Contact us today!

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